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When we want your advice – we’ll ask for it.

10 January 2012 by

“Are there things going on that we’re not aware of? Are there groups of people who say they are supporters, but who really don’t want Venky’s to succeed for whatever reason, and don’t want the manager to succeed?”

Those are the words of Jerome Anderson – football agent and now seemingly a self-appointed authority on Blackburn Rovers FC.

Appearing on Sky Sports News earlier today he went on to say, “With normal fans, all you want to do is support your manager and team. What I think the world of football can’t understand is where this is coming from. It does seem to be well organised, from people who say they are supporters.”

Yes Jerome – all we ‘normal fans’ want to do is support our manager and team. But well done for missing the point. We don’t want this manager. He isn’t any good at the job. We didn’t want him from day one. For all of Big Sam’s faults when it comes to style of play, at least the man knows how to get results. Kean? I wouldn’t employ him to run a bath.

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the supporters really got behind the manager and team?” added Anderson.

Yes Jerome – wouldn’t it? Well done again for missing the point. Blackburn fans are a hardy bunch. We’ve put up with a lot down the years. Unlike you, I can remember the dark days before Jack Walker arrived. My memory of the club isn’t limited to the past eighteen months or so like yours. But as supporters there’s a limit to what we can tolerate – bad results, failed promises from the manager and owners etc etc. Ultimately it’s down to the team to get the supporters going – not the other way round. That’s why they get so well rewarded for what they do. 

“Sometimes people forget these are young players, and young players need support when they’re coming through.”

Awww. Diddums. Did the nasty supporters shout a little bit too loudly for the little babies. Get real. They have a job to do. Get on with it and start doing it properly.

“To go on the football pitch with fear is the worst thing you can do, and that’s probably why some of the best results have been away from home.”

Best results? There’s been loads of them, hasn’t there? In case it’s escaped your attention, Rovers are in the bottom three. Excuse us if we find this a tad unacceptable.

“Whether you’re a Blackburn fan, or any fan, it’s so important to get behind your players. The negativity and abuse the players have received doesn’t help anybody. Please get behind the boys.”

Stop it now Jerome. You have not – nor never will be – qualified to make any comment about Blackburn Rovers FC. You are not a fan. OUR club doesn’t matter one iota to you – all you care about is how much cash you can bleed from it.

Why don’t you run along, take the next Chris Smalling with you, order a taxi for your esteemed client Mr Kean and his mates Venky’s, and drive off together into the sunset?

Maybe then we can have OUR club back.



  • Russell Whalley


  • Rovers 4 Life

    hear hear

  • Dan Hughes

    spot on I fucking hate anderson kean the clown and venkys.

  • Tim Fairless

    They are still running an abridged version of Anderson's iterview on Sky Sports News every hour. No attempt to corroborate his allegations or to put an alternative viewpoint across. No balance, just bias. Very disappointing standards for a mainstream news channel. I hope that your views make it into the mainstream media as they relect more accurately the views of the majority of Rovers fans.

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